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nugget's kitchen
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Tuesday, May 12th, 2009
11:24 am
My days so far
Besides catching up on my anime downloads I've been doing a lot of gardening.
My morning glorys and moonflowers are gracefully adorning my porch and I've finally got the first bloom of my sunflowers.
At this time of year it's obscenely hot and we've been dealing with drought conditions.
Hot? Florida? you must be kidding?
What's unusual is to be under water restrictions. I dunno about Florida, but Mom said vegetables are exempt in Georgia. So mine get drenched every other day.
So far I've got zucchini, bell peppers, serrano peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, scallions, beets, carrots and tomatoes.
I've extended my tomato bed to give them more room the past couple of days (talk about back breaking work)
but I waited until last night to move them. That way they could adjust when it's cooler rather than the parching 90 plus degree temps we've been having lately.
I'm pretty happy with how the eggplant, zucchini and tomatoes are doing. The others....well it's my first time trying them so I'll have to practice to make perfect.
All in all it gives me a lot of satisfaction to grow things from seed and see them do well.
I recently had a chick nickname me "mother earth goddess" because she says I'm "nurturing and wise"
Heh heh.

Current Mood: accomplished
11:05 am
For those anime fans
Recently I read a suggestion for a show on a Dattebayo press release called Eden of the East.


I've watched what's been subbed so far and am really engaged.
It's one that makes you think....

Current Mood: enthralled
Thursday, August 28th, 2008
12:05 pm
Missing DC!!!
We're going to miss Dragon Con this year...suckage. Just when I finally lost all that weight.
But we are in the final days of moving the household, so time and money are both scarce.
To everyone: we'll miss seeing you and hope you have a great time!
Meantime we shall have to worry about yet another storm, but at least this time we should be done with the moving when it hits...
Hope Ga gets lots more rain from this, god knows y'all need it :)
11:57 am
Pippi Longstocking
Always thought she was a hippie
Monday, August 11th, 2008
4:29 pm
Dir En Grey
I'm so psyched that they are touring in the US again and this time as the Headline!
They are going to be at a club downtown only a mile or so away from our new place.
(Oh and anyone living in Atlanta who likes Dir En Grey, they are performing at center stage 11/08)
Can you tell it's been a long while since I've been to a concert?....

Current Mood: excited
12:12 pm
Mr Roboto
It's interesting some of the things you can see and hear in the park when you have a tendancy to be quiet and unobtrusive. I've seen all sorts of wildlife and I've seen cute interactions between parent and child, owner and pet.
While browsing through some videos I came across one that reminded me of one such instance.
Father and son (3-4 years old) were walking across the bridge exchanging words and what they mean, when I hear dad say: "'Mushi mushi' means hello, right? Mushi mushi!" and the little boy said it back. "And how do you say 'thank you'?" "Domo Arigato!" was the reply. And then the kid started to sing the refrain for "Mr Roboto" over and over while they continued down the path. I grinned and had to fight from giggling they were sooo cute!
Anyway, this was a few months back. Today I was browsing through some videos when I found this one by Polysics and the memory came back to me...

Current Mood: weird
11:46 am
Bad Girl
Well after three years we are doing it again: moving.
Fortunately, the new house is not too far away, only a few miles or so.
However this is the worst time of year, in my opinion, to move a household in Florida.
Ninety degree temps, then it rains without much warning.
But it'll be worth it. We'll be trading a small 1920's cottage for a 2 story, 4 bedroom (plus dining and living room and a small room that extends like a balcony that I'd like to call a solar) house which has a fenced yard and a cool as hell iron spiral staircase that opens to the kitchen.
Twice the space and 200 less in rent.
The future landlord seems pretty reasonable and easygoing. He's letting us move stuff in before WE do.
The only snag is that we won't get a key until we transfer the power into our name. Since the utilities Co won't let us hold 2 places under the same account for more than seven days, we have to limit ourselves to when someone else will be there and let us in.
I'm sure it'll all work out in the long run, but I'm being a bad girl for spending time on the computer instead of loading up the car with the outdoors stuff that can be safely left outside.....

Oh! and we will *finally* have an "official" guest bedroom. It will be fairly spacious and open to the bathroom.
As soon as we're settled we'll plan on a house warming party. Anyone who feels like visiting Orlando is welcome to it.
I think we are both very excited!
Saturday, June 7th, 2008
8:41 am
This is one reason I like MySpace: I educated a 14 year old girl from the Philippines what Spam was. Both literal and figurative.
Friday, June 6th, 2008
1:40 pm
Writer's Block: Cereal: By the People, For the People
I'd probably call it "Chunky Monkey Nutz":
I like granola cereals so it would be Grains (oats, spelt, wheat, rice, flaxseed ect) bound with honey, then add cashews, almonds, pistachios, dried bananas, cranberries, apricots and coconut....
Healthy and tastes fantastic!
Tuesday, May 27th, 2008
5:25 pm
Gothic Auction
Well....there's quite a bit of items that Hue and I just don't need and are taking up space...
Plus until I get my first paycheck we are hurting. Otis really really needs to be snipped.
I hate for him to be suffering from "blue balls"
Meantime I'm getting rid of stuff on this site so any help is very appreciated.
I'm using the same name as LJ so we should be easy to find.
Items included will vary from clothing to costumes, books, ecclectic items and housewares.
I'm still trying to figure out why I'm not able to upload photos....that's an issue
Tuesday, May 20th, 2008
7:56 pm
Embarrassment knows no bounds...
There's been a friend The Hueman has known for a little over a year and sometimes they talk on the phone at night. Conversations can be colorful. I went outside tonight with the intention of being silly and to also threaten him with finishing a novel or I'm going to post chapters on LJ or MS....I hear him say: "well that isn't going to happen anytime soon...." I, thinking he's talking to our friend, make a raunchy sexual comment.
A few minutes later I find out that he was actually talking to his mom...
I'm going to log off and crawl into a hole right now.

Current Mood: crazy
6:36 pm
Things I like about Orlando
You know there are definitely some sucky ass things about Orlando, and I'm sure most of you know about them.
However, being the nature nut that I/we are there are certainly some perks.
For example, there are parks within walking distance where I can see close-up: Barred Owls, Wood Ducks, Bitterns, Anhingas, Egrets, Ibis, Storks, Herons of all types and other waterfowl....not to mention Bald Eagles, Falcons, Ospreys, Swifts, Woodpeckers, Flickers, Scarlet Tangiers, Red Wing Blackbirds....etc.
So....that being said, I was driving Hue to work and as I was turning on a side road a block from the house I hear Hue say "Oh Wow!" I looked and there were a bunch of Peacocks strutting around getting ready to cross the street.
Only in fucking Colonialtown Orlando.

Current Mood: amused
6:18 pm
So I think I gotta job!
And not just any flippin' burgers job, but at Whole Foods which Hue is so positive about, he even owns stock.
Anyway, I say "I think", because it turned out to be a sortof job faire (it's a new store). Crazy madhouse and people running around everywhere.
I had an appointment, met with a panel of three who asked me a few questions. Later I talked with an individual who filled me in on positions available for which seemed the best match for me and my experience.
So, "cold chef", customer service, ten bucks plus benefits, cross training, etc ect....I got a firm handshake and congratulations, told to show up at the Wyatt 9am on the 2nd of June.
The only thing that bothers me is that I was never asked to fill out an application, or reference #'s and when I offered my resume, the panel of three said that would be for later.
Fucking weird.
Anyway...good job mojo thoughts would be appreciated.
We shall see what happens.

Current Mood: hopeful
Tuesday, May 13th, 2008
12:43 pm
Posting Gaps
Sure it's not as if nothing is going on down here in Orlando.
In fact quite a bit, but when I find myself reading or writing on e-mail, LJ, MS the next thing I know several hours have gone by and I've not done any of the errands or housework that's piled up.
But I havn't forgotten anyone and as soon as we can get a wireless router that's compatible with the Hueman's WOW, you'll heard more of my goofy babbling...(or is that a threat?)
Tuesday, May 6th, 2008
2:12 pm
Defining "supportive"
I've talked to several professionals about issues and problems and one common question is: "is your spouse supportive?"
I've always said "yes, absolutly"
But recently I've come to realize what they mean by the term "supportive".
I don't feel like I'm getting it. I mean it's one thing to be given helpful advice and wanting "you" to better yourself, but instead I feel I'm just being told what I should do and how I should do it. Y'know: do this do that....
Taking orders has never been my strong suit, but what really made me despondant is that when I've asked for help, such as on a technical level, I don't get it.
Example:Borrowed printer, just for me so I could print resumes and stuff. But it was never set up. Aparently that was supposed to be *my* responsibility. Even though I'm not sure about doing it correctly (which apparently I've failed at since I'm not getting any prints)
Anyway, in other words I think that the term "supportive" is a lot more proactive than a mere cheer squad or advice giver. I really wish I could say this to the other party, but communications are down temporarily.
Saturday, April 26th, 2008
3:36 pm
I hate having a yard sale...just one of those days
In the hopes of raising some cash to help get Harley to the vet (she's got dental issues) I drag out tubs of stuff to the porch and pander them out.
I posted on Craigslist why I was doing this, but still it's the same old shit: People who want to nickel and dime you for your posessions.
However, there are sometimes when really good things happen.
My new nieghbor bought one of my photographs saying that he wanted to have some art to decorate the place with. Particularly photography. He had errands to run and needed to get some more money from the bank, but said he wanted to purchase more when he got back.
That made me very happy.
But the really really nice thing was a fellow with whom I chatted with about pets and photography. He said there wasn't really anything he was interested in, but before he left he dug through his wallet and I thought maybe he would buy one of my prints. Instead he handed me a ten doller bill saying it was a donation to help my cat. I was shocked! "Surely there must be something you would like to take with you?" I said. "No, that's ok. Take care." and he left.
I teared up. It's so wonderful to find that sometimes people still care for complete strangers.

Right now I'm so tired, only a few hours sleep last night and I was sluggish getting around to posting signs.
I justified this to myself saying that at least I would avoid the "pros" who scrounge yardsales like vultures thinking they can make a mint off what they bought for a quarter. The backslide is those that come later may have already spent some of thier budget earlier on other sales.
However, I am not going to haggle!!!
If they saw the same thing on e-bay for five bucks there would be a fight for it....
God I'm so tired, I wish night would fall and I could take a nap without worrying about anyone showing up.
At least Puck got a chance to play outside for a while. Cute!
Oh and just for the record, I catagorized what's for sale on Orlando Craigslist.
If looking for somethng just let me know.

Current Mood: disappointed
12:45 am
Dammit! Missed photo oportunity!
One of my favorite reading spots is at a nearby park underneath a huge Magnolia tree by the creek which flows beneath Washington Street Bridge (poetic ain't it?)
Anyway, several times I've seen a barred owl who likes to hang out in this area and sometimes roost in the tree.
Of late I've been bringing my camera when visiting, just in case it shows up (I say "it" since I can't tell the difference...)
On Thursday Hue borrows the car for a business trip. So since I'm walking I left the heavy camera bag behind.
Stupid stupid stupid!!!!!!
While reading I heard splashing noises. After a bit I saw that the owl had decided to take a bath in the creek a few yards away. Then it flew to perch on the sprinkler just across from me. And *stared* at me, like it was saying..."I knew you were waiting to see me and ha ha now you don't have your camera!" Minutes later a second owl flew in to share the same perch. (DAMMIT!) the first went back to bathing then went to dry off in a nearby oak (the blujays were NOT happy) later the second caught something out of the creek and flew off to another tree.
Well that's the last I'll see of them today, I thought. Boy was I wrong. Not that I was keeping track of time, but I noticed movement to my left and saw that one of the owls had perched on the handrail of the steps not more than a few feet away from me. It alternated between staring at me and acting indifferent. (probably because I talked to it) I didn't know if I should be nervous or not, I could see how long the black talons were and that the beak was yellow and sharp.
It seemed so calm I felt for a moment that I could wrap the towel around my arm and raise it like a falconer does providing a perch. Silly I know, but it was just so surreal. Never before has something happened like that out of the blue...(well, unless you want to include seeing two hawks mate while reading on Mom's back porch)
And just why the hell is reading a common theme and not a camera...Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Current Mood: annoyed
Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008
9:25 pm
don't bother with photo scam crap
My charge is dying so I ain't got much time...
Don't even bother with those BS artists such as "Picture.com" they will happily take your submission, but then ask for money for "supposed"awards.

To me this is crap! I'm sure many of you are laughing at me right now, but like I said, you shouldn't have to *pay* for "awards" There... My Two Cents Worth...
I hope I'll be here in the next week....
Thursday, April 10th, 2008
9:07 pm
Well, so things are getting done!
Dunno where to start, but it seems the past couple of weeks have seen more productivity from me than in the past six months.
Maybe it's the medication, maybe a new perspective.
I've not been monitoring anything but e-mail lately.
Mostly because I'm afraid if I get on things like LJ, I will get sucked in and the next thing I know hours have passed by.
There has been sooooo much housework to do (Hue decided to re-arrange while I was up in Atl) that sometimes I didn't even know where to start.
But I've started making lists (physical and mental) which usually start with every day stuff, then something more substantial. Or maybe a project.
My current project is spoiling our new child.
Someone abandoned a ferret and his cage/supplies for adoption at the pet store I was shopping at.
They couldn't sell him, so everything was free. I knew Hue loved his ferret Bandit, so I called him and asked and He said he'd be cool either way.
So now we have Puck. Very apt name I should say. He and the boys seem to enjoy messing with each other.
Harley, however, can't stand him.
I'm glad our house is small enough to keep an eye on him when he's out and keep him out of trouble (well relatively)
I just can't get enough of the "Happy Dance"!!!
Tuesday, March 18th, 2008
4:33 pm
Childhood Fantasy
On a whim I read the Orlando Weekly to see what's going on in O-Town.
Among other things, it appears Duran Duran is going to be performing mid-May.
I loved this band when I was a kid and still like them now, I has resigned myself to never being able to see them live....and now, pushing 40, they are coming to Orlando.
Tickets go on sale this weekend!
I'm freaking estatic, excited, and fucking broke!
Registering the car was a serious unexpected drain on our bank account.
I think if any relatives ask what I want for my B-Day, I'm gonna say: "I want tickets to I can see Duran Duran and fulfill a godammned childhood fantasy!!!"

Current Mood: frustrated
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