My days so far

Besides catching up on my anime downloads I've been doing a lot of gardening.
My morning glorys and moonflowers are gracefully adorning my porch and I've finally got the first bloom of my sunflowers.
At this time of year it's obscenely hot and we've been dealing with drought conditions.
Hot? Florida? you must be kidding?
What's unusual is to be under water restrictions. I dunno about Florida, but Mom said vegetables are exempt in Georgia. So mine get drenched every other day.
So far I've got zucchini, bell peppers, serrano peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, scallions, beets, carrots and tomatoes.
I've extended my tomato bed to give them more room the past couple of days (talk about back breaking work)
but I waited until last night to move them. That way they could adjust when it's cooler rather than the parching 90 plus degree temps we've been having lately.
I'm pretty happy with how the eggplant, zucchini and tomatoes are doing. The others....well it's my first time trying them so I'll have to practice to make perfect.
All in all it gives me a lot of satisfaction to grow things from seed and see them do well.
I recently had a chick nickname me "mother earth goddess" because she says I'm "nurturing and wise"
Heh heh.
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For those anime fans

Recently I read a suggestion for a show on a Dattebayo press release called Eden of the East.


I've watched what's been subbed so far and am really engaged.
It's one that makes you think....
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Missing DC!!!

We're going to miss Dragon Con this year...suckage. Just when I finally lost all that weight.
But we are in the final days of moving the household, so time and money are both scarce.
To everyone: we'll miss seeing you and hope you have a great time!
Meantime we shall have to worry about yet another storm, but at least this time we should be done with the moving when it hits...
Hope Ga gets lots more rain from this, god knows y'all need it :)

Dir En Grey

I'm so psyched that they are touring in the US again and this time as the Headline!
They are going to be at a club downtown only a mile or so away from our new place.
(Oh and anyone living in Atlanta who likes Dir En Grey, they are performing at center stage 11/08)
Can you tell it's been a long while since I've been to a concert?....

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Mr Roboto

It's interesting some of the things you can see and hear in the park when you have a tendancy to be quiet and unobtrusive. I've seen all sorts of wildlife and I've seen cute interactions between parent and child, owner and pet.
While browsing through some videos I came across one that reminded me of one such instance.
Father and son (3-4 years old) were walking across the bridge exchanging words and what they mean, when I hear dad say: "'Mushi mushi' means hello, right? Mushi mushi!" and the little boy said it back. "And how do you say 'thank you'?" "Domo Arigato!" was the reply. And then the kid started to sing the refrain for "Mr Roboto" over and over while they continued down the path. I grinned and had to fight from giggling they were sooo cute!
Anyway, this was a few months back. Today I was browsing through some videos when I found this one by Polysics and the memory came back to me...

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Bad Girl

Well after three years we are doing it again: moving.
Fortunately, the new house is not too far away, only a few miles or so.
However this is the worst time of year, in my opinion, to move a household in Florida.
Ninety degree temps, then it rains without much warning.
But it'll be worth it. We'll be trading a small 1920's cottage for a 2 story, 4 bedroom (plus dining and living room and a small room that extends like a balcony that I'd like to call a solar) house which has a fenced yard and a cool as hell iron spiral staircase that opens to the kitchen.
Twice the space and 200 less in rent.
The future landlord seems pretty reasonable and easygoing. He's letting us move stuff in before WE do.
The only snag is that we won't get a key until we transfer the power into our name. Since the utilities Co won't let us hold 2 places under the same account for more than seven days, we have to limit ourselves to when someone else will be there and let us in.
I'm sure it'll all work out in the long run, but I'm being a bad girl for spending time on the computer instead of loading up the car with the outdoors stuff that can be safely left outside.....

Oh! and we will *finally* have an "official" guest bedroom. It will be fairly spacious and open to the bathroom.
As soon as we're settled we'll plan on a house warming party. Anyone who feels like visiting Orlando is welcome to it.
I think we are both very excited!
Ha Ha


This is one reason I like MySpace: I educated a 14 year old girl from the Philippines what Spam was. Both literal and figurative.
Oh baby!

Gothic Auction

Well....there's quite a bit of items that Hue and I just don't need and are taking up space...
Plus until I get my first paycheck we are hurting. Otis really really needs to be snipped.
I hate for him to be suffering from "blue balls"
Meantime I'm getting rid of stuff on this site so any help is very appreciated.
I'm using the same name as LJ so we should be easy to find.
Items included will vary from clothing to costumes, books, ecclectic items and housewares.
I'm still trying to figure out why I'm not able to upload photos....that's an issue