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I hate having a yard sale...just one of those days

In the hopes of raising some cash to help get Harley to the vet (she's got dental issues) I drag out tubs of stuff to the porch and pander them out.
I posted on Craigslist why I was doing this, but still it's the same old shit: People who want to nickel and dime you for your posessions.
However, there are sometimes when really good things happen.
My new nieghbor bought one of my photographs saying that he wanted to have some art to decorate the place with. Particularly photography. He had errands to run and needed to get some more money from the bank, but said he wanted to purchase more when he got back.
That made me very happy.
But the really really nice thing was a fellow with whom I chatted with about pets and photography. He said there wasn't really anything he was interested in, but before he left he dug through his wallet and I thought maybe he would buy one of my prints. Instead he handed me a ten doller bill saying it was a donation to help my cat. I was shocked! "Surely there must be something you would like to take with you?" I said. "No, that's ok. Take care." and he left.
I teared up. It's so wonderful to find that sometimes people still care for complete strangers.

Right now I'm so tired, only a few hours sleep last night and I was sluggish getting around to posting signs.
I justified this to myself saying that at least I would avoid the "pros" who scrounge yardsales like vultures thinking they can make a mint off what they bought for a quarter. The backslide is those that come later may have already spent some of thier budget earlier on other sales.
However, I am not going to haggle!!!
If they saw the same thing on e-bay for five bucks there would be a fight for it....
God I'm so tired, I wish night would fall and I could take a nap without worrying about anyone showing up.
At least Puck got a chance to play outside for a while. Cute!
Oh and just for the record, I catagorized what's for sale on Orlando Craigslist.
If looking for somethng just let me know.
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