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So I think I gotta job!
And not just any flippin' burgers job, but at Whole Foods which Hue is so positive about, he even owns stock.
Anyway, I say "I think", because it turned out to be a sortof job faire (it's a new store). Crazy madhouse and people running around everywhere.
I had an appointment, met with a panel of three who asked me a few questions. Later I talked with an individual who filled me in on positions available for which seemed the best match for me and my experience.
So, "cold chef", customer service, ten bucks plus benefits, cross training, etc ect....I got a firm handshake and congratulations, told to show up at the Wyatt 9am on the 2nd of June.
The only thing that bothers me is that I was never asked to fill out an application, or reference #'s and when I offered my resume, the panel of three said that would be for later.
Fucking weird.
Anyway...good job mojo thoughts would be appreciated.
We shall see what happens.
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