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Mr Roboto

It's interesting some of the things you can see and hear in the park when you have a tendancy to be quiet and unobtrusive. I've seen all sorts of wildlife and I've seen cute interactions between parent and child, owner and pet.
While browsing through some videos I came across one that reminded me of one such instance.
Father and son (3-4 years old) were walking across the bridge exchanging words and what they mean, when I hear dad say: "'Mushi mushi' means hello, right? Mushi mushi!" and the little boy said it back. "And how do you say 'thank you'?" "Domo Arigato!" was the reply. And then the kid started to sing the refrain for "Mr Roboto" over and over while they continued down the path. I grinned and had to fight from giggling they were sooo cute!
Anyway, this was a few months back. Today I was browsing through some videos when I found this one by Polysics and the memory came back to me...

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