Job Mojo

I'm willing to give any and all support for those seeking job mojo so long as I can get some in exchange :D
Been trying in Atlanta and now back to Orlando where things are not much better.
What a pain.

Welcome back to O-town...

I've been sporadic with the computer since I've been back.
What, been a week now right?
There's a lot of stuff to work on down here. Since Hue has had to spend a lot of time traveling, the house is a wreck. So I've been spending a lot of time cleaning and doing laundry.
I also discovered that Hue had neglected to tell me that my huge Ryukin goldfish had died. (not to mention most of the other smaller goldfish) He said it was because he didn't want to upset me. Actually I'm a bit pissed. Not at him really, but myself, since fishtanks (especially goldfish) require constant care that Hue couldn't provide with his traveling. :P
The other kids are doing well, Renji just can't get enough of me he's such an affectionate love whore. Hershey still plays come-and-go. We suspect he has some other sugar mama that he's staying with. I saw him for the first time since I've been here yesterday. Even then he didn't stick around long. Just long enough to eat and mark his territory. Little bastard.
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I'm so goddamed tired...

I have my own stress and issues to handle...I-just-can't-shoulder-others-mental-trash.
Last night I broke down and cried myself to sleep.
No, I'm not looking for sympathy or pity, I'm just tired.
I'm diving into music to ignore everything for a while.
Nothing more refreshing than headbanging to Dir En Grey....
God I love this band....
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Finally got to watch the first episode of the 2nd season (damn near waited a bloody year)
It took me a bit, but by golly they've fucking brought along James Masters as a character (hee! heee!)
It was very entertaining, but I think they seemed to put too much of a play on the bisexuality that the back of my mind shouted: "gimmick! gimmick!"
However, I'm still very happy to see this show again...even though I've gotta be at the mercy of downloading (no cable)
Can't wait to see the other eps..............................................................................................................................

Middle-class Ghetto

It's really sad to think that the nice, quiet, middle-class, neighborhood that I grew up in is now middle-class ghetto.
I hate to sound cliche, but "It's those damn kids these days".
This house has been broken into several times before the security system was put in.
There are people who tear up the air conditioning units to steal the copper tubing, kick in fencing, steal mail or smash the mailposts, pull up plants, throw shoppingcarts and furniture in the creek and that's just the annoying stuff. There have also been shootings, violence and other robberies too. I think I've heard gunshots at least 4 times in the five months I've been here.
The section 8 house next door is full of kids of all ages and I don't think Mom has ever seen a "Parental Unit".
They're also under the mistaken idea that everyone else on the street loves their music, 'cause they sure love to blast it out of the car while it's parked in the driveway. Doesn't really matter what time it is. (though they stopped doing it in the middle of the night when I once went outside and screamed "some people have to get up in the morning!!!") Yeah blame the white bitch! But guess what, your black neighbors don't like you either!
I am really looking forward to going back to Orlando.
At least I can tolerate reggetone.
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Hey! Cineprov is doing Legend tomorrow night!
Anyone interested in going?
It sound like fun, I really like that movie (Hue was determined to have her "evil" outfit made as a wedding dress for me, yeah right) and they're gonna MST3K-it. It will be a great send off evening for me since I'm going to be leaving Monday if all goes well.
L Sugar Rush

Reading Bill Bryson

"The Life And Times Of The Thunderbolt Kid"
I'd recommend this to anyone who enjoys watching "A Christmas Story" or listening to Garrison Keeler.
A humorous yet insightful memoir of someone who grew up in the 50s.
I've been suffering from a case of the cruds the past few days and had a lot of reading time.
Here's an excerpt from the book (one that I can relate to in a way):

"Like most people in Iowa in the 1950's we were more cautious eaters in our house. On the rare occasions when we were presented with food with which we were not comfortable or familiar...we tended to tilt it up carefully with a knife and examine it from every angle as if determining whether it might need to be defused.
....In my house we didn't eat: pasta, rice, cream cheese, sour cream, garlic, mayonnaise, onions, corned beef, pastrami, salami, or foreign food of any type, except french toast.
Bread that wasn't white and at least 65 percent air.
Spices other than salt, pepper and maple syrup.
Fish that was any shape other than rectangular and not coated in bright orange bread crumbs, and then only on Fridays and only when my mother remembered it was Friday, which in fact was not often.
Soups not blessed by Campbell's and only a very few of those.
Anything with dubious regional names like "pone" or "gumbo," or foods that had at any time been an esteemed staple of slaves or peasants.
...We really were radically unsophisticated. I remember being surprised to learn at quite an advanced age that a shrimp cocktail was not, as I had always imagined, a predinner alcoholic drink with shrimp in it...."